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What could possibly be more classic than two of movieland's biggest killers fighting it out to the death? Freddy Kreuger and Jason Vorhees, slugging it out, oh baby.

Much to my delight, the producers pulled it off. They didn't try to be serious, they didn't try to make the movie be anything bigger than it was - they made a funny, bloody, slasher flick, and it rocked. If you go see it, keep your expectations in the right place - expect a fun, bloody time. Just don't expect scary or serious.

This movie taught me a little lesson - I missed a significant business opportunity when they started filming. I should have started my own business, and I could have called it "Benny's Blood Nozzles" or something. My god, I've never seen so much spraying blood. And I do mean spraying. I could have made a fortune.

And let's not forget Lori. Oh Lori. Lori was hot hot hot hot hot hot hot. Lori was played by Monica Keena. Hot hot hot hot hot.


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I just got back from seeing Open Range a little while ago. This was a western staring Robert Duvall, Kevin Costner, and Annette Benning.

I really, really liked it. It was a slow-starter - twenty minutes into it, I was pondering if it was going to come to life or not. Happily, it did. And it came to life very well indeed. Duvall and Costner worked very well together.

The scenery was spectacular and believable, and there was very nice attention to detail (the glass in the shop windows was drastically imperfect - which was right on for the timeframe).

The gunfight was incredible - I personally think it was up there with Tombstone's fight at the O.K. Corral. And that was a good fight.

This movie proved that both Duvall and Costner, neither of them spring chickens anymore, can still kick some pretty good ass.


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If you're in the mood to go see a fast-moving action movie, this might be right up your alley. Especially if you're in the mood for action, and don't want to be encumbered by a plot that makes sense.

This movie did a lot of fast-moving. In fact, it did so much that the plot really didn't flow - it jumped around like a weasel on angel dust. I do have to admit, it was an interesting idea - crook offers $BIG_MONEY to anyone to spring him out of jail.

So, of course, hoodlums are crawling out of the woodwork. Unfortunately, you have to use your imagination, because they don't show that - they just talk about how rotten things are getting.

But, I digress - I did go to this movie wanting to see an action flick. And I got that much. It's not bad... Just don't expect too much.


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Thank god I didn't go to this one for the plot. I would have been sorely disappointed.

No, I admit it - I went to see Angelina. She's a friggin' hottie. But anyway, the movie itself was kind of painful. The stunts were almost exclusively unnecessary, only there to prove to the audience that they could do it bigger and badder. They were so over the top, it was sickening.

It wasn't horrible. It had Angelina. Just don't go to this one for the plot, nor for the stunts.


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