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I just got home from seeing Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King, the third and final movie in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, based on the books by J.R.R. Tolkien.

I'm still not quite sure how to start. This movie was three hours and twenty minutes long, and I didn't notice. My ass was numb for about thirty minutes after the movie ended, and I didn't notice. My bladder was screaming bloody murder, and I didn't notice.

Once the film ended and the spell was broken, I noticed that no one else noticed it was three hours and twenty minutes long either. I counted a total of three people that got up during the movie. And the house was packed, every single seat taken.

I am a Tolkien fan - I read the trilogy of books cover to cover well over a dozen times. No, I didn't dress like an elf to go see it. ;) I have been anticipating Return Of The King for months. And it was worth every painful day.

This movie was an epic. It capped the trilogy so perfect it almost hurts. Everything about it was breathtaking - the battle scenes, the cast, the special effects, the New Zealand scenery. I think Peter Jackson created a masterpiece with these three films. The entire audience was literally riveted to their seats. For three hours and twenty minutes!

I went with a buddy that had not seen the first two movies yet, and he even liked it.

I'm going to see it at LEAST one more time, probably twice or even three times while it's still on the big screen. It really was that good, in my opinion.

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Well. I went to this movie on a whim - it was a boring Saturday afternoon, and I figured I'd go see a flick. Bad Santa had caught my eye on TV, so I said "what the hell" and went.

Now I think I want to kill myself.

This was one of the darkest, blackest movies I think I've ever seen. One of the big draws for this movie, for me anyway, was Billy Bob Thornton. I like him as an actor. And for him to play a down-on-his-luck character like Santa in this movie? What a classic.

And he does a very convincing job. His character was a total bastard. He was a hard drinking, ass pounding, liver destroying loser on the express train to hell. He swore like a drunken pirate with his jewels caught in a wringer, and he stole like a crazed crackhead in a police evidence room.

I kept waiting for some upturn in this poor bastard's life, but I was denied time and time again. Between puking in an alley and getting his ass kicked by his midget coworker, the entire story kept a steady downward spiral. This was definately not a "happy snuggly feel-good" movie.

All in all, I think I liked it. If you don't like dark humor, don't go - this movie is black. But, Billy Bob did an excellent job with the character, so I can live with that.


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