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12-26-2004: Happy Holidays!

So, it's the day after Christmas... I took this year off from the holidays, so I stayed here in Ames and kicked back. I travelled to both Thanksgiving and Christmas last year, and this year my sis and I cooked the entire Thanksgiving feast, so I was a little holidayed out. It was nice to have a quiet meal at home.

My sister gave me The Butterfly Effect on DVD - I hadn't seen it before, so I watched it last night. Holy crap, I really liked that movie! Very interesting indeed, and Ashton Kutcher did a fantastic job.

I bought the Blade - Trinity soundtrack today. It. Kicks. Ass. "Weapons Of Mass Distortion" by Crystal Method is my favorite on the disk, with "This Blood" by Black Lab and "Daywalkers" by the RZA coming in close behind. Totally rocks.

And another movie night this week... We're going to watch the special extended edition of Return Of The King. W00t.

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12-19-2004: Yep, screwed again.

I got a letter from my wonderful, wonderful rental company yesterday (rental as in apartment, not rental as in car)... The partnership that owns my apartment complex is dissolving, and they're splitting up the complex between the two owners.

As Murphy's Law would have it, the company I didn't want to own my building will now own my building in two months. *sigh* I guess I can't complain too loudly yet - I have never rented from this particular company. But, I have been with the previous company for many years and I really liked them.

At least my rent isn't going up (yet). I was planning on moving when my lease runs out next year to find a place that allows pets, so it's not that huge of a deal. But it still sucks a little.

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12-16-2004: Things are slowly falling into place.

My boss at work is finally finding some truly interesting things for me to do... I've been bored as hell lately (and avoiding a certain project that I just dread), so it's nice to see something that can possibly be positive on the horizon. It looks like I'll be part of the team that helps guide our company's linux strategy. Yay. And thank you, Boss.

The site in Chicago is almost 100% done with - the specialty cartage company was there yesterday, picking up the majority of the equipment. One more large item to go tomorrow - the XP256. That was gifted to a company in Schaumburg, IL, and they're picking it up tomorrow. Yay.

It's almost the holidays for me - one more day (tomorrow), and I'm off for the next nine days. Oh HAPPY DAY.

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12-09-2004: Alright. We're back from Chicago, and we're still alive. No, I didn't blog anything from the trip like I did last time. I guess you'll just have to cope.

But, this time, we have pictures.

It went well. We pushed hard, and finished up about a half day ahead of schedule. Just about everything fell into place as planned. I'll post more details once I get settled back in, and when I get the pictures in place.

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